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Tabletop Game Design:

Worlds Without Harmony, a game about ideological conflicts, unanswerable questions, and the people caught between them.
Look for it on Kickstarter August 2019! *Will not be available in Patreon Backlog.

Legend of the Elements, elemental magic kung-fu wuxia action Powered by the Apocalypse.
*Not included in Patreon Backlog.

TITAN/child, children in a living mech trying to save the world at the cost of their innocence, or more.

Blood/Lust, gothic romantic horror the forbidden love between a vampire and their lover.

Diadem, a game of Roman oratory and political backstabbing while trying to choose a new ruler.

In The Court Of The Poison King, desperate courtiers turning on each other to save a dying kingdom.

Remember Us., the decaying record of a surreal journey, already half-forgotten.

The Quiet Tower, collaborating on a great project until our differences bring it all down.

Overview of my Patreon games, including all the above* and more.

Other Projects, released for free, including a bunch of custom Monsterhearts content.



Learning Pixel Art, an instructional book for learning this precise digital art form.


About Max Hervieux:

Max is a bisexual cis man (he/him/his) who lives in Seattle, Washington. An avid roleplayer and artist, he lives with his fiancée Rebecca and their cats Ruby and Python. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact him by email at or on Twitter @Logbook_Project.

Worlds Without Harmony (August 2019)

WWH cover for tlbp store.png
WWH cover for tlbp store.png

Worlds Without Harmony (August 2019)


A story game about ideological conflicts, unanswerable questions, and the people caught up in them.

A GMless game for 3-5 players.

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Some questions have no right answer. How can humans preserve the world without sacrificing progress? What is the proper way for a government to relate to its people? How tough do things need to get before people should prioritize themselves over others?

No one answer satisfies everyone, because the things we want are sometimes mutually exclusive. Camps, factions, and parties organize around answers to these questions, but some people don’t know where they fit in. Worlds Without Harmony is a game about those people, exploring the stances and factions in a conflict, and changing and watching those Factions as they come together and tear apart.

Each game of Worlds Without Harmony revolves around a Tension, a specific irreconcilable ideological question. This book contains the following three Tensions:

Natural and Industrial, Liberty and Order, Survival and Decency,

as well as guidelines to writing your own Tensions to explore.